Sports medecine



    The sports medicine programme at the Shoulder Surgery Centre serves top level and occasional sportsmen and women, as well as people who want to take up, or return to a sports activity.  


    • Care and follow-up of sportsmen and women with a sports trauma consultation, and management of acute traumas of the musculoskeletal system (sprains and strains, or chronic pain such as tendinopathies and joint pain)



    Other consultations are also available depending on the expectations and requirements of the patient: sports cardiology, osteopathy, nutrition, check-up, etc.


    The Shoulder Surgery Centre is the first centre in the world to have developed reliable kinematic analysis of the shoulder. This technological and medical advance makes it possible to more fully understand the various conflicts, problems of instability or of the labrum, particularly in sportsmen and women. This unique expertise allows for personalised, specific management of their pathologies. 


    See the procedure by PD Dr Lädermann in the programme “Sport santé” on 01/2014 on Leman Bleu Télévision
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